Apple Has Announced The Standard Pricing For Out-of-warranty Battery Replacements Once The $29 Discounts Cease On Jan.

Oct 07, 2018  
how much to replace iphone battery

Thankfully, the entire process is remarkably simple. Apple has announced the standard pricing for out-of-warranty battery replacements once the $29 discounts cease on Jan. 1. After that date, the iPhone 6 series, 6S series, SE , 7 series and 8 series will see prices rise from $29 to $49. iphone battery problemThe iPhone X , XS, XS Max and XR will run $69, though it's important to point out that out of those four X series devices, only the original iPhone X is eligible for the $29 discount in 2018. With can you replace your iphone battery only three months remaining to swap out your iPhone's old battery, it stands to reason customers will be swarming Apple Stores and authorized service centers from now until the end of the year. That said, as a personal anecdote, there may be no wait at all depending on where you go. I replaced the battery in my iPhone 7 at the end of April and faced no wait whatsoever in fact, I was out of the Apple Store with a serviced iPhone in less than two hours. change iphone batteryYour luck may vary, though it's even more reason to check in with a few different locations if possible. To qualify for the reduced pricing, you must have an out-of-warranty iPhone 6 or newer model (excluding the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR) with no significant damage that would preclude the battery installation.

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how much to replace iphone battery